An All Nighter in London with Urban Decay + A Giveaway

May 10, 2018

If you follow me on my social media, you will know that a few weeks ago I was in London with Urban Decay South Africa (@urbandecaycosmetics) and other amazing beauty/fashion bloggers, including my close mate; Sarah Langa. We had such a fab time, I thought I would share our 36-hour escapade with you guys. It all started when I received an email from 4 Elements Media (@4ElementsMedia) on behalf of Urban Decay with an invite to an All-Nighter experience to launch the new All Nighter Concealers. The idea was to spend one full day in London, then fly back to South Africa. My initial response was “how is that even possible?” buy my adventurous side was like “yaaassss, lets!!” So, after much deliberation I was in. The first on the agenda was a UK visa, after that was obtained it was a sure bet that I would be on my way to London for a lifetime experience!

You would think that packing for a 36-hour trip would be easy, I can tell you know it was not. I love travelling but I hate packing. It’s hard enough to decide what to wear when I’m home, packing for a trip is not at all nice. Also, Urban Decay wanted to add an element of surprise to our trip so, our activities were kept very hush-hush. Which of course threw another curve ball.  Once I had all my packing figured out, it was time to hit the road. YAY!!!



Come the day of the trip, bae took me to the airport. I got checked by the lovely people at the Virgin Atlantic (@virginatlantic) counter, who the directed me to the business lounge/clubhouse. I found the Urban Decay Team and the other bloggers enjoying some food and champagne, awaiting our departure call. Armed with our UD Travel Duo sprays, we headed over to the board gate and off we went.

Touch down London Town, everyone was full of excitement and ready to take on the day. And because we travelled overnight, we were able to sleep in the plane. After collecting our luggage and clearing customs, we headed to our hotel. We stayed at the Moxy Hotel in Stradford (@moxylondonstratford), a beautiful contemporary. As we entered our rooms, the first of many surprises awaited us. On the bed laid a box full of goodies from the Urban Decay All Nighter range:  The All Nighter Foundation, All Nighter concealers, All Nighter Priming and Setting Spray and UD Mix-In Facial Oil. All this was to prepare us for the long day ahead.

Unknown-4     DSC_3046

After a quick shower and some breakfast, we were set to explore London. The best way to travel in city is by train, so off to the Underground we went. First was Breddos (@breddostacos), a lovely Mexican restaurant with a margarita bar downstairs. We had an awesome lunch there, we feasted on some tacos and margarita, re-energised and we were ready for the next stop. The Urban Decay store in Carnbay, this was to be the highlight of the day as we were treated to a private masterclass by Levi Jade Taylor. An international senior make-up artists. She taught us many tricks, how to play around with colour without looking like a clown, just to name one, lol.

DSC_3436Once that was done, we were off to our next affair, which was some cocktails at Josephine’s (@tonightjosephine) perfect place to unwind and catch up. We ended having a mini-turn up, as you can see from the pictures. At this time, it was already night and before we left Josephine’s I had a moment to check out my make-up see if my All Nighter Concealers and Foundation were keeping and to my surprise they were. My face was still fresh with very little shine or even oily, I was pleased with that result and happy to bring on the night.


Final stop of the day was Trapeze Bar (@trapezebar_basement) for some din-din and boogy-boogy. We danced the night away and even forgot that the next day was home time, that’s how much fun we had. At the hotel, more goodies awaited, the Urban Decay Meltdown range, complete with the amazing dissolving spray and lip oil stick. Also, there was a personalised t-shirt to ready us for the slumber party. The Urban Decay team thought of everything, I tell you! After the slumber party, we were pretty much all tired, so we headed to our rooms for some beauty sleep.


Next morning the UD team has prepared a “rehab pack” for us, see I told you they thought of everything. UD Rehab Make-Up and some energy boosters. Which were all much appreciated at this point because we were about to head back to the city center for some last-minute sight-seeing and some shopping of course. After leaving the hotel, we to go see the famous London Eye and Big Ben. After that we hurried onto one of the red London buses for a city tour, which is a must-do when you’re in London. We enjoy seeing the city, right after that it was off to Piccadilly Circus, another must see when in London. Straight after that, we went shopping, yay!!

At was now time to head back home, at this point we didn’t want to leave. However, we got the airport and the help staff at the Virgin Atlantic counted assisted with our check-in and off we went to the Virgin Active Clubhouse to for some downtime before our flight home. Probably one of the best airport lounges I have been to. The food is amazing, the space is beautiful, it even has a hair salon. It’s absolutely stunning.


Time to board our flight back home, we got on to the plane and home we went!

What an amazing experience, omg! Thank you so much to Urban Decay South Africa, Virgin Atlantic and 4 Elements Media. This was amazing! Thank you for all the beautiful images.

In honour of this amazing experience, I am doing an ALL Nighter Competition. You have only 24-hours to enter. The winner will be announced tomorrow, 11 May 2018 at 5pm! This is what you could WIN:

Products offered:

1x winner will win…

 All Nighter essentials

  • 3x All Nighter Concealers
  • 1x Drop Shot Mix-in Facial Oil
  • 3 x sprays (Rebound Collagen-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray, All Nighter Pollution Protection and All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray)

Total value: R3000

All you need to do is comment below and you will be entered into my competition. ALL THE BEST!!


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