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August 14, 2017

Hello beauties,

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to the spring/summer season as much as I am, I literally cannot wait. Yay!! Anyways, as some of you might or might not know – earlier this year I joined the fab Pond’s Insiders family.

This is an international program consisting of a group of 16 beauty and fashion influencers, bloggers and YouTubers from around the world: India, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam and South Africa of course.

You can imagine my excitement when I got the news, probably the best call I received all year career wise. To be a part of a global network that gives me access to The Pond’s Institute, which houses some of the world’s best beauty scientists, has allowed me to gain valuable in-depth skin information that I get to share with my followers and readers. To me, that is absolutely awesome. And to be honest, I think that is the best part for me; sharing and passing the knowledge that I gain to you guys.

What I also love about this program is the fact that I get to be in a sisterhood with an amazingly talented group of women, who share the same interests as I do. Women who are not only passionate about their work but also about their communities and societies they live in. Just like me, most of the Pond’s Insiders are involved in different charities within their communities, which I think is awesome. What’s also great is that Pond’s themselves work with many charity organisations all around the world. So as you can imagine, this is all very, very exciting for me and it makes me very HAPPY!

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you would have seen that I’ve already shared some content in line with my involvement in the Pond’s Insiders family. Luckily for me (and you), some of the perks are of course access to exclusive Pond’s events, such as the launch of The Pond’s Institute in South Africa, which took place a few weeks ago. I got the opportunity to invite some of you guys to join me as my dates, which was absolutely FAB! (Click here to see my mini tour of The Pond’d Institute). See pictures below:


Keletso and Cwaita won a date with me to The Pond’s Institute launch party in Sandton.

As part of the program thus far, I was also presented with a great opportunity to meet The Pond’s Institute’s beauty scientists over video chat, to discuss everything skincare-related. On the video call we were joined by other Insiders, Tricia Gosingtian from the Philippines and Lilia Cortes from Mexico.

It was so lovely to chat with these two ladies, as we had never met before. Hopefully, I will get to meet them in real life soon. Also present on the call was the lovely team from Pond’s to help facilitate the call and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We had an amazing 45-minute chat with the experienced beauty scientists from The Pond’s Institute (TPI) – Yolanda Zhou, Frank Huang and Erica Liang from the Shanghai branch of TPI. During the conversation, we spoke about all things skincare; ranging from how to keep skin looking healthy to protecting skin from different weather conditions. Yolanda, Frank and Erica are very well-informed and richly knowledgeable about the brand, skin in general and skincare. It was very refreshing and highly informative to engage with them. I felt like a mini-scientist after our discussion, haha just joking. See pictures from our video chat below.

IMG_5823                                                                                     IMG_5824

You guys will recall me requesting that you send me any of your beauty concerns with regard to skincare via Instagram. During our discussion, I also got the chance to present your questions along with mine. They responded to all our questions and I thought it would be great to share some of the Q&A with you guys here.

Please see all the questions and answers below, I hope this will be helpful to you guys in your quests of healthy, beautiful skin.

Questions and Answers:

 Question: I have some dark acne spots – can they be removed using skincare?

Answer: Dark marks caused by scarring are quite difficult to totally conceal via cosmetics. These are formed by accumulated skin pigments triggered by skin inflammation; sometimes those pigments not only exist on the skin surface layer, but penetrate deep into the dermis. Depending on the type of dark marks you have, if they are still within the epidermis, you could try Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream with SPF30 at day time, and the Night Cream in the evening.

The Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream is clinically proven to work effectively in reducing 10 of the toughest skin darkness problems, including acne marks. It has Vitamin B3+ technology, which offers triple action – 1) It can down-regulate gene expression to inhibit melanin generation, 2) Inhibit melanin transfer triggered by acne-caused inflammation from skin bottom to surface, 3) Speed up skin renewal to get rid of accumulated dark pigments and achieve spot-less pinkish white skin in 7 days.

Clinical evidence shows that PWB can not only reduce spots, but can also remove some of the dark spots, although individual results may vary. If your dark marks have already spread into the dermis layer due to skin inflammation, then the chances of them being totally removed are low. The best way is to treat acne at an early stage. Avoid squeezing acne so that it will not cause the inflammation to spread into the deep skin layer, triggering pigmentation.

Q: Is it true that people with oily skin don’t need to include moisturizer in their beauty routine?

A: No, even for people with oily skin, moisturizer should be included in the beauty routine. Oily skin is actually in vital need of moisture because a lack of moisture can spur oil production in the skin, thereby worsening the problem. The key is to look for lightweight water-based moisturizers that are oil-free and won’t clog pores.

Q: I wear a lot of makeup, but don’t like the drying effects of my makeup remover. Can I use Pond’s products to replace my makeup remover?

A: The answer is definitely yes – I would recommend the Pond’s Cold Cream Facial Cleanser to do the job. This product can effectively and gently remove your daily makeup without depleting your skin’s natural lipids. Moreover, while it is removing your make up thoroughly, the nourishing oils contained in this formula can make your skin moisturized and feel soft and smooth. This product is also dermatologically proven to not cause allergy to the skin or clog pores, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Q: Many clinics nowadays recommend a whole range of services and treatments, such as laser work, microdermabrasion and facials. Do I need these added services beyond my day-to-day skincare regime?

A: If you are worried about normal skin problems, like acne, dark skin, dark spots, rough skin, fine lines, and visible pores, I would suggest that you continue to use regular skincare products, with a balanced daily lifestyle and diet habits. Pond’s products, which incorporate breakthrough technologies, can bring you similar effects provided by skin treatments, and are safe and convenient.

Skin treatment may not be suitable for everyone, i.e. Laser and IPL treatment is not suitable for skin type IV dark-skinned consumers, as the high-energy beam can burn skin and cause the appearing of dark spots, skin redness, and other irritation symptoms. Microdermabrasion is not suitable for sensitive skin consumers with a weak skin barrier, as the procedure can remove surface skin, further weaken the skin barrier and make it more permeable to external hazards, as well as trigger skin redness, itch, and other irritation symptoms.

Skin treatments are generally not recommended as a long-term solution for skin problems, as they are expensive, often have side effects and the skin problems can come back without proper use of skincare products post-treatment. If you want to try such treatments, always consult a dermatologist before doing any invasive procedures, i.e. microdermabrasion and laser treatment.

Q: How can we tighten our pores, or are there any ingredients to minimize pore sizes?

A: Visible pores usually have 3 root causes: 1. Dead skin, where accumulated dirt mixes with the over-production of skin sebum to clog pores, and makes them look more visible; 2. Skin dryness, which causes skin roughness and makes pores more visible; 3. Skin sagging and aging.

As you get older, pore problems become more visible since external aggressors damage, break and loosen collagen as well as elastin fibers that support skin around pores. To minimize pores, the first step is to thoroughly clear your face, and get rid of the plug that enlarges the appearance of your pores. Secondly, use moisturizing products with oil control ingredients like B3 to not only smooth and plump up skin, but also reduce sebum secretion. Thirdly, use anti-aging products to strengthen skin collagen and repair and renew elastin, to let them better support the skin around pores.

Q: I have an oily T-zone area, but the rest of my face is dry. Should I use skincare for dry skin or oily skin?

A: The oily T- zone area and dry skin for the rest of the face is normally regarded as combination skin type – a very common skin condition. For most people, the T-zone is relatively oilier than the rest of their face. For this kind of skin, skincare treatment should always be about balance. You could use a lighter-weight and non-oily moisturizer in the T-zone area, and a more hydrated moisturizer on the rest of face, like your cheeks, which may tend to be quite dry. The result is that each area of the face gets the perfect amount of hydration.

If your T-Zone is extremely oily, then I would suggest you additionally use oil control treatment, especially in the T-Zone area.

Q: I have extremely dry skin that gets worse in the winter. What can help me?

A: For dry skin, try to avoid ingredients that will make your skin even drier and more irritated, for example products that contain too much alcohol and overtly strong exfoliating effects like salicylic acid. These will deplete skin’s natural lipids to make skin even flakier. For routine facial cleansing, we recommend using Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel; for makeup removal, suggest trying wipe-off Cold Cream, which can deliver more moisturizing benefits. Always remember to use facial moisturizer after using facial cleanser to strengthen skin barrier function, and prevent skin dryness.

Q: How can I keep busy going about my regular life, but avoid pimples from stress?

A: It is always better to prevent stress acne before it appears on your skin. Control your temper, get enough sleep, avoid sweet and oily foods. Each sleepless night weakens skin’s recovery by 10%, causing pimples to form as well as skin dullness – less sleep can lead not only to acne but also wrinkles and dullness, while sleeping more will allow you a more youthful radiance. Stress may also weaken skin’s collagen gene expression by 70%, causing future wrinkles.

If the acne has already appeared, do not squeeze it. Use gentle cleansers to clean the face and apply anti-acne products twice per day.

Q: Is it safe to use Pond’s day cream or moisturizer as a makeup base?

A: Again, the answer is yes for sure. Well-hydrated and smooth skin is always the key foundation for well-fitting make-up. This is actually the key job of Pond’s products. The Pond’s Day Creams from different Pond’s platforms are well designed to deliver good hydration to the skin; they are clinically proven to enhance skin hydration even right after application. They can also help to refine skin’s texture and adjust skin tones without leaving an uncomfortable residue. So yes, Pond’s Day Cream is safe to use as a makeup base.


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