Irrepressible Joy – Cadbury Martians

March 17, 2017

Hello guurls and guys…

You guys know I always write about things that make me happy, right?! I love sharing those little moments that bring me even the slightest bit of joy. So, this post is no different. A few days ago, I was made aware of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk TV advert. Of course, I was immediately excited because I love everything cute and chocolatey, durr?!

The advert shows a group of adorable Martians on Mars, experiencing the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate for the very first time. After taking a bite, they instantly burst into a joyous celebration, singing and dancing while enjoying the Cadbury Dairy Milk slab. This proves two things to me; one – there is life on Mars and two – happiness really does live in a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate slab, hahaha!

Actually, now that I think about it, there are a couple of the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate adverts that I quite enjoy. Remember the “triplets, joy in my heart” ad?! People were obsessed with that advert; I remember having to google it and watch it online because I had not seen yet. Ok, I’m getting side tracked here, back to the topic. So, after viewing the ad, I was tasked with sharing my irrepressible moment of joy. At first I thought this should be easy because I have so many, but then I later discovered that because of that reason it makes the process much more difficult. So, I decided, since we are on the subject of chocolate, that I will share my favourite joyful chocolate story.

My grandmother was an amazing baker; she would make all kinds of yummy cakes and biscuits. We all loved visiting her house because we knew we would have tons of baked treats while visiting. The very first time I experienced chocolate cake, was a cake that she baked for me and my brothers.I remember being sooo happy on one of my birthdays, because she had made me the biggest chocolate cake ever! I promise you, I must have had cake every day for a week straight. Yes, I did share, but it just would not finish. My mom tried to make me stop by telling me I would get sick, but I didn’t care, I was just so happy to have an endless supply of chocolate cake. It’s memory I’m quite fond of for obvious reasons. Chocolate made me happy then, just as much as it does now.

Cadbury Dairy Milk is available in a variety of variants, there’s a flavour for everyone’s palette. And if you’re a Martian fan you’re in luck, Cadbury Dairy Milk has many surprises planned around this new campaign, including Martians popping up in unexpected places. There are also many more surprises that will be revealed in the coming months, so stay tuned.

You’re welcome to share your “Irrepressible moments of joy” with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #SweetInvasion. Also, do follow Cadbury Dairy Milk on Facebook at CadburyDairyMilkSA or on Twitter @Cadbury_SA for the latest news and updates.

One last thing before I dash off, if you have not yet seen the Cadbury Dairy Milk Martians advert, do yourself a favour and view it below:


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