The POND’S INSTITUTE mini tour with Melody

March 13, 2017

Hello guys,

So, POND’S launched The Pond’s Institute for the very first time in South Africa recently. The launch took place in Sandton, Johannesburg and I got the chance to shoot a MINI TOUR for you guys to show you all the fun and excitement that went down. POND’S also launched an innovative new product called POND’S PIMPLE CLEAR that promises to clear in just pimples in 3 days. I will soon do a 3 DAY CHALLENGE to test out this fact, hopefully you guys can join me.


Thought I’d share some fun facts about THE POND’S INSTITUTE and POND’S PIMPLE CLEAR taken from the POND’S website:

About The Pond’s Institute:

THE POND’S INSTITUTE brings together years of experience in skincare science and innovative product formulas through a global network of 700 scientists. By bringing the best scientific knowledge to the aid of modern day’s skincare problems, our mission is to create leading skincare innovations and clinically proven products that strengthen the skin from deep inside to make it look softer and smoother on the outside, now and for the future. For more than 170 years globally and 50 years in South Africa with products designed specifically for South African women, we have pioneered the evolution of skincare through superior science and technological breakthroughs, and as the modern world continues to rapidly evolve, The POND’S Institute will continue to develop products that corrects the skin problems of tomorrow, always staying true to our roots as world experts in skincare.

About Pond’s Pimple Clear:


NEW Pond’s Pimple Clear from The Pond’s Institute. Our biggest anti-pimple innovation in 95 years!

Formulated with the world’s first Active Thymo-T Essence, Pond’s Pimple Clear uses unique Lock + Clear Technology. Pimple Clear works to leave your skin clear and pimple free in just 3 days, so you’ll never feel like you have to hide your skin or your confidence again. It’s time to #StopHiding

– For smooth, clear skin in 3 days
– Formulated with the world’s first Active Thymo-T Essence
– Eradicates pimples at the root

The New POND’S Pimple Clear range consists of a Facial Foam and a Leave-On Expert Cleansing Gel. The range is best used twice per day, in the morning and evening, as part of a daily regime.



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