SA Festival Of Motoring 2016

September 6, 2016

The SA Festival Of Motoring took place last week at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Midrand; it opened on the 31st August up until the 4th of September. I decided to attend for mainly two reasons, one – because I am in the market to purchase a new car so I thought this would be a good opportunity to check out what’s out there and two – I really wanted to do the AMG Performance Tour at the SA Festival of Motoring.IMG_3923So, I thought I’d share a bit about my experience for those that are interested in knowing and understanding what the event is about. I went there Friday, 02 September early afternoon and to my surprise, the place was already buzzing with car enthusiasts and just folks out to have a fun day under the bright sun. The festival is quite entertaining; when I arrived there was band on stage entertaining the crowds right by the food court. The smell of rubber and braai in the air was a delight, believe it or not. I sat down for short while to some good music and delicious food before heading out to the car shows. The food court has a good mix of foods; burgers, pizzas, shawarmas, chips, hotdogs, ice cream etc. All the typical, good festival foods that we all like to indulge in at such events. My favourite though was the slush puppy stand, as it was a very hot spring day. After all the walking in the end, starting with a bit of food was a good move.IMG_3983The layout of the festival is such that every car manufacturer has their own stand/area where they showcase their latest cars. One may go in and touch, and kick tyres of the various car manufacturers. These are manned by helpful sales teams that will answer all your questions about the various cars from the specifications, options, pricing and ordering etc. If you are really keen you could order your brand new wheels right there!! These stands are spread over the vast Kyalami Race Track. I also spotted various stands for car accessories such as car care products, bicycle carriers, tyres etc. One may also purchase car toys for the kids such as scaled car models. Then there is the racetrack section where car manufacturers offered free quick laps around the track.  IMG_4039IMG_4005IMG_4009IMG_4015IMG_4023First stop after my lunch was at the Mercedes Benz marquee, as I mentioned they were my main draw card. There were a couple of machines that captured my attention in a major way. There’s nothing more fabulous than a beautiful car that functions and looks like a dream. I took a particular interest in the AMG A45. It’s sporty, very powerful and quite hip – suits my personally perfectly.IMG_4016IMG_4019IMG_4020IMG_4021IMG_4022Needless to say that when it was time for AMG Performance Tour at the SA Festival of Motoring, I opted for the A45 and I must say it was quite a thrilling experience. A natural place for Mercedes given their F1 domination for the last two seasons. My adrenalin was pumping as we sped off but the car was quite stable, which I did not expect because it is not a big vehicle. The sound is the best part about this car, almost sounds like the C63 hahaha.IMG_3962IMG_3975IMG_3978Hopely this will be an annual event because it is quite enjoyable and informative. In the event that it does come back next, I have put together some useful tips for those that may wish to attend:

  1. If you’re mindful of what you eat or you prefer healthier more organic foods – perhaps bring yourself some food from home.
  2. Sun protection, very important. Sunscreen/umbrella/hat, the sun was a little harsh in the afternoon and you when move from one place to the next you’re in direct contact with the sun.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes – quite a bit of walking involved.
  4. Go early if you can, the queues in the evening get a bit longer, especially for the free track laps.
  5. It’s a family friendly environment, fit for the whole family, couples, car enthusiasts or just a fun day out….so do bring everyone along.

See you there next year…

Follow @mblife_sa on Twitter and Instagram for more information about any of their current events.


Follow @mblife_sa on Twitter and Instagram for more information about any of their current events.

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