The Grand White with SKIP

April 20, 2018

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending my very first Grand White event. The Grand White, in conjunction with SKIP South Africa and other reputable brands, brought guests a glamourous and fun filled experience. I’m always open to something new, so I was quite delighted when SKIP Continue Reading…


Clothing Care with Skip Intelligent

April 12, 2018

Hello beauties…

I remember growing up, my mother would do laundry every Wednesday. She would do as any other person would – separate the clothes by their colour and fabric type. Whites and neutral colours were on one side, delicate fabrics on the other and darks on another side. Thereafter Continue Reading…


I am a Ponds Insider, yay!

August 14, 2017

Hello beauties,

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to the spring/summer season as much as I am, I literally cannot wait. Yay!! Anyways, as some of you might or might not know – earlier this year I joined the fab Pond’s Insiders family. Continue Reading…


Beauty Review: Pond’s Pimple Clear

April 6, 2017

Hello beauties,

Hope everyone is keeping well hydrated in this heat, and also using sun protection gear and sunscreen whenever outdoors. A few weeks ago, I promised that I would do a 3-Day challenge review on the new Pond’s Pimple Clear range that I was going on about. It took this long because when I needed a breakout to occur in order for me to do the challenge/review. Continue Reading…


Irrepressible Joy – Cadbury Martians

March 17, 2017

Hello guurls and guys…

You guys know I always write about things that make me happy, right?! I love sharing those little moments that bring me even the slightest bit of joy. So, this post is no different. A few days ago, I was made aware of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk TV advert. Of course, I was immediately excited because I love everything cute and chocolatey, durr?! Continue Reading…


Review: Dettol Even Tone Hygiene Soap Bar

December 21, 2016

Hello my beauty bunnies,

Hope everyone has been keeping well and enjoying the holidays thus far. I am well, aside from the heat I really can’t complain. I’m so glad to see that you guys are enjoying the beauty reviews; I appreciate the feedback – thank you! So I thought I would bring you one last review before year ends. Continue Reading…


Review: Vaseline Spray Moisturiser

November 9, 2016

Hello favs,

Remember when I promised you guys a review on the Vaseline Intensive Care spray moisturisers?! Well, if you have been waiting in anticipation for it you will be glad to know that it is finally here. I love doing beauty reviews because I get a chance to share with you guys what new products Continue Reading…